Chelsea Cowan




Chelsea Cowan is a professional voice teacher and performance coach in Utah and internationally via Skype.

Chelsea has a unique edge to help singers advance to their highest level. She is not only a certified Vocal Instructor through the Institute for Vocal Advancement, but also has years of musical background in intensive training, performance, and teaching. From strong foundational technique, stylization, audition tips and performance coaching, Chelsea  equips her clients with the tools to find their individual sound, making them successful artists in any genre of music.

Chelsea’s background is in both solo and choral music, singing and teaching vocal methods that allows the voice to have freedom and flexibility to sing any style of music, while maintaining balance through the entire range. She has studied extensively with Master Teachers Linda Tomkinson, Jeffrey Skouson, Guy Babusek, Spencer Welch, Stephanie Borm-Kruger, and Greg Enriquez.  She is a current member of Salt Lake Vocal Artists and spent her undergraduate years in Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance at Utah State University and the University of Utah.

Chelsea loves teaching and she is passionate about helping her clients learn to communicate through music, not just sing a song. Her students experience their own beautiful sound by learning HOW to sing, then they decide what to sing, in any style of music, with greater confidence. Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned professional, Chelsea will help you find the most success from your voice.

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