About Lessons

“In-Person Lessons
Chelsea Cowan offers one-to-one lessons, in her dedicated teaching studio in Murray, UT, and online internationally via Skype.
Lessons are offered in 30min, 45min, or 60min sessions.
 (Chelsea also offers group masterclasses, contact musicwithchelseaSLC@gmail.com for pricing and inquiries).
 To help each singer reach their highest potential, each lesson is specifically tailored to YOUR vocal needs and goals using a “cause and effect” approach then applied to song.
Learn to transition through your bridges, access high notes with ease, and develop strength and confidence. Vocal coaching, audition preparation, and the practice of repertoire is all included, but a high priority is placed on proper vocal technique.  Once you have that, you can sing anything!
A first lesson typically includes:
*A personal assessment of your voice
* An easy-to-understand explanation of why your voice is doing what it does
* Vocal exercises prescribed specific to YOUR own vocal needs and goals
*Application with your choice of song
*Time for questions
* Recorded lesson emailed to you (continuing lessons may require bringing your own recording device)
Continuing lessons will be similar to your first lesson, but as you make progress, the exercises prescribed will change in correlation to your present needs and goals. I will continue to help you refine your voice and give you more challenging repertoire in the process. We will work together on vocal and performance coaching, developing your personal style and personality to fit your vocal goals.
Skype Lessons
Chelsea Cowan also offers lessons via Skype (a free internet video calling application). Of course, in person is preferred, but Online lessons are a fantastic alternative if you are not able to attend in person at the studio due to distance or other restrictions. The lessons don’t vary much from the in-person lessons, but online does require you are able to sing on key without accompaniment to take advantage of them. You’ll also need a good camera and microphone on your computer or device, and a hi-speed internet connection is recommended. Skype Lessons are recorded and emailed afterwards.
Some guidelines for what length lesson may be right for you:
30 min lessons:
*students age 6-12yrs old
*You are a beginner
*you have had vocal health problems in the past and may need some vocal therapy first
45min/60min lessons:
*you have had vocal training in the past, or you are a beginner who is motivated to improve quickly
*you have an upcoming performance or project
*You are age 13 or older
*you want more time working on repertoire